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Easyads Academy EMSB

专业领域认证的 No.1 Academy

[No.1] Academy Certified in field of expertise.
The most outstanding professional training institution in Malaysia.

拥有超过100个职业专业培训课程(Professional Training、Professional Cert、Professional Diploma、MBA、EMBA、PDBA…)

We have more than 100++ vocational professional training courses ( Professional Training, Professional Cert, Professional Diploma, MBA, Executive MBA, PDBA…) in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and other countries…


Easyads Academy EMSB 有的课程包括,数码营销与电子商务、室内设计技术、室内设计行业管理、餐饮管理(烹饪)、餐饮管理运营经理、食品安全、媒体艺术、网络编程设计、美容与健康服务与零售、清真行政、清真顾问、清真意识计划、体育赛事管理等等…

Courses including Digital Marketing & E-commerce, Interior Design Technology, Interior Design Industry Management, Food and Beverages Management (Culinary), F&B Management Operation Manager, Food Safety, Media Art, Web Programming, Beauty and Health Service and Retail, Halal Executive, Halal Consultant, Halal Awareness Programme, Sport Event Management and more…


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Easyads Academy EMSB
导师 Trainers

Yap Chee Hwang 叶志煌

‣ Digital Marketing Consultant & HRDF Certified Trainer
‣ Founder & CEO of Easyads Marketing and EMSB Easyads Academy
‣ Founder of IBeauty Ecommerce
‣ Founder of Edu Platform Studyio Cafe
‣ Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Ezon Berhad
‣ Halal Ambassador of IBF International Business Federation, Singapore
‣ International Business Development Director of Holistic Lab (UTM Spinoff company)
‣ International Business Development Consultant of Certified Block Chain Professional
‣ Speaker and Trainer in Business Transformation and Digitalization

Jason Tian 田仕峰

‣ Expertise on web applications, mobile applications and enterprise operating systems
‣ Web Design & System Programming Trainer
‣ CEO of Itea Technology Malaysia and Taipei
‣ Chief Technology Officer of Consignment Technology
‣ Chief Technology Officer of IBeauty Ecommerce Sdn Bhd
‣ Chief Technology Officer of Miiroad INC
‣ Growth Hacker of 920 INC

Shaun Ling

‣ An Engineer turned Marketer since 2007
‣ Founder of IPrima Group
‣ Founded High Growth O2O Retail Businesses, AmpQuartz, AmpFood, AmpQ

‣ Achieved 6-Figure Sales for tech start-up, shownearby (Acquired by Global Yellow Pages in 2010)
‣ Achieved X10 Growth for series of businesses founded under IPrima Group
‣ Groomed and Trained over 500+ Digital Talents & Digitized over 1000+ businesses
‣ Acquired #1 Renovation Forum in Singapore, Renotalk.com in 2018

Teo Yie Wen 张依雯

‣ 7 years of Surface Treatment Senior Engineer (Specialist)
‣ 7 years Foon Yew High School (Johor Bahru) Senior Chemistry Teacher
‣ 4 years of StudyIO Education Platform Founder & Consultant
‣ Elengaz Culinary Academy Founding Principal
‣ Ezon Beauty (Knowledge & Ingredients) Trainer

‣ Graduate of Bachelor of Science with Honors (Industrial Chemistry)
‣ Diploma in Education
‣ Youth Inventor Competition Mentor
‣ National Multimedia Teaching Material Design Competition 4th Place & Most

Nicolas Yong 杨国庚

‣ Digital Marketing Data Analyst
‣ E-commerce Expert
‣ Facebook Chatbot Consultant
‣ Co-founder of Online Learning Platform

John Loh 罗德龙

‣ Bachelor’s Degree of Digital Marketing
‣ Online Marketing Leader
‣ Online Marketing Trainer
‣ EZLEARN.MY Co-founder

Natan Hue Jia Hao 丘家豪

‣ Branding and CIS Expert
‣ Digital Marketing Team Leader
‣ Visual Marketing Lecturer
‣ Edu Entrepreneur Co-founder

Bae Huey 佰慧

‣ Bachelor’s Degree of Advertising Design
‣ Certificate in FunnelBOSS™ University
‣ Easyads Academy class lecturer
‣ Founder of Desite Creation

Dato’ Dr. Denming Ho

‣ Malaysia’s Top 10 Franchise Consultant
‣ Founder of SQV Consulting Group
‣ Done more than 230 franchise projects recorded in Malaysia Book of Records
‣ PhD in Economics and Management, University of Malaya

Ian Chung

‣ Master’s Degree of Marketing Mangement
‣ Associate Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
‣ Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA) Mentor

Anthony Loh

‣ Master of Business Administration
‣ Founder of chief brand officer branding consultancy
‣ Co-founder of Be Beauty Academy
‣ Founder of TALKCAR.MY

Dr. Rostam bin Mustaffa

‣ LAZADA Top Certified Trainers
‣ eU Certified Master Trainer
‣ E-Market place specialist
‣ Salez Academy Partner

Learn the latest digital marketing course with Easyads Marketing Academy

Easyads 一级数码学院,是一所在职实际操作的导师团队所组合的,这课程可以让小白学习到最新的数码营销技能。尽快地掌握好它,可以让您的生意业绩在线上帮助地提升上来!

Easyads Marketing Academy is composed of a team of on-the-job practical trainers. This course allows beginners to learn the latest digital marketing skills. Master it as soon as possible, and your business performance can be helped to improve online!

和我们一起提升您 [员工] 技能
Improve your employee skills with us now.
[HRDF Programme]

Easyads 一级教育培训机构,为您的企业公司提供了最好的 HRDF 培训课程计划。(我们与 HRDF 认证培训中心,ITEA TECHNOLOGY Sdn. Bhd. 合作)鼓励企业员工们参与培训活动。

Easyads Academy provides the best HRDF training programmes for your company. (We co-operate together with HRDF Certified Training Center, ITEA Technology Sdn. Bhd.). Employee training is encouraged.

和我们一起提升 [企业家] 技能
Improve entrepreneur skills with us now.
[EMBA Programme]

Easyads 一级教育培训机构,和马来西亚林肯大学学院 Lincoln University College合作推出,最适合工作人士进修的硕士课程,汇集了我们亚洲【8大名师】,周末上课,在12个月就能完成了!

The suitablest master’s course for working people is launched by Easyads Academy and Lincoln University College in Malaysia. It brings together 8 famous teachers in Asia, takes classes on weekends, and can be completed in 12 months.

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