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[Digital Marketing]?

Hello! We are Easyads Marketing Company. In the fields of digital marketing, we are enquiped with a professional [mentor team] who are always implementing the related projects. We have been assisting both large and small partner companies and have as much as [7 years] of combined experience. Are you still considering about joining our lesson?

【6】Digital Marketing Courses Launching

Short Course in Digital Marketing

This lesson will teach you about the latest Facebook digital media marketing model, such as how to advertise, how to analyze audience data, create a one-page web page, how to advertise on Google, online payment platforms, and email marketing, and other course content. After completing the course, students will receive the [CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION] graduation certificate that is awarded by UTMSPACE.

Online Marketing Skill for Facebook

HRDF Claimable Programme. In this course, we will teach you about the latest Facebook marketing skills courses, such as professional digital marketing operations, advertising design and production, online marketing customer transaction rules and specific data analysis, and etc; upon completion of the course, students will receive a [CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION] graduation certificate that is awarded by UTMSPACE.

Prof. Certificate in Digital Marketing
(6 Months – Part Time Course)

HRDF Claimable Programme. This course is a corporative course with UTMSPACE and students will be awarded with the certificate of [Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing] No SPM is required, the minimum entry condition is students must be 16 years old and above.The pathway to [Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing] is provided as well after finished the course.Students may choose to study in either full online or offline mode.

Facebook Marketing Advertisement

In this course, we will teach you the latest Facebook digital media marketing model, how to plan and execute strategies, basic online design foundations and techniques, Facebook ad post graphic design, post-processing and uploading, and how to place ads correctly.

Facebook Auto Message Reply

In this course, we will teach you the latest Facebook automatic response mode, therefore students are able to reduce more human resources on replying and handling customer in online.There are automatically reply system to customers within 24 hours which help you to effectively follow up with multiple potential customers at the same time.

Online Auto Deal Customer

In this course, you will learn on how to create a landing page,and distinguish from the difference from ordinary websites.Students will master the landing page infrastructure, Google Webmaster, the latest Facebook quick traffic mode, copywriting and image construction and etc after the course completed.

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> Master the latest [Digital Marketing] practical content.
> Do revision on countless replays which can be reviewed throughout the year.
> Ask questions in our WhatsApp Online Group Consultation.
> Join into our 【Easyads Marketing Academy】 Students Group to enjoy more students benefits.

> Provide job opportunities and 100% interview opportunities.
> Get assistance with entrepreneurship and online transformation.
> Installment for 【6 months】 to pay the tuition fee with easy and less burden.

【Top 6】Questions That Everyone Has

1. Is there any prerequisites for enrolling in the course?

The minimum age for enrollment is 18 and above and
students should equipped with basic computer operations

2. How many times can I ask the teacher a question in the group?

It can be said that in the coaching period, there is no limit for the time for asking question but since there is many inquiries, the teacher would arrange spare time as soon as possible to reply to the message.

3. Will there be any homework in the course?

The teacher will instruct students to do some homework in class or after the class to ensure that students have learned the content of the course.

4. Can I listen to the class again
after I finish the course?

Yes, Recording course video are provided and
students can play it for revision for multiple time within
one year after the course has completed.

5. Are these courses
online or offline?

Both online and offline courses are available.
If students cannot join the offline courses,
they can choose the online courses.

6. What should I do if I am unable to attend the course?

Students can rewatch the lesson later
by playing the recording course video.

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